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With 50+ Years of Experience in Early Child Care & Development, Tiny Tot is the company you can trust to take care of your children. Tiny Tot provides full time care for children 6 weeks of age through 12 years.


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Tiny Tot is open five days a week, Monday through Friday, beginning at 6:30am and closes at 6:00pm. All children may stay at the center for 9.5 hours per day. We do allow extra travel time for parents working in Charlotte.


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Tiny Tot Child Development Center has separate playground areas for each age group including infants, toddlers, 3 year olds, 4 year olds and afterschoolers. We also have a large nature trail to explore and a gym for indoor activities.

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Tiny Tot has two conveniently located facilities servicing Belmont, Mt. Holly, Stanley, & the surrounding area. Tiny Tot After School Center located in Belmont and Tiny Tot Child Development Center in Stanley. Select a location below for more information regarding a development center nearest you.

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What Parents Say

  • Tiny Tot is by far the best daycare in Gaston County. Our children have been here for 3 years and we can not imagine them going anywhere else. All of the staff the owners and there daughter have a genuine care for the kids well being and education…..Our kids range from 3-6 yrs old….the staff has participated and helped in some very important times of there lives such as learning to walk, potty training, learning to write and so on….We highly recommend this daycare to anyone for there children…..its not hard to see that all of the kids are treated with love and respect from all of the staff members!
    Happy Daddy
  • My grandson has been at Tiny Tot since he was six weeks old and I am so happy with the way he has been treated at . I have seen very loving and caring teachers. This week: the theme is camping. I saw the teacher of this classroom carry in a tent, a chair, a sleeping bag, play lanterns, and a toy camping stove. That is the teacher that I want for my grandchild. As for the owner and the owners daughter they are wonderful people. I mean really, what other director or asst. director would buy special foods just so the kids can make a special snack. This week it is s’mores. Last week they made octopus out of a hotdog. Yeah for Tiny Tot and its wonderful staff!
  • This is the best daycare in Gaston County.My kids have grown up in this daycare. My youngest, who is now 4, is very smart and knowledgeable and I have all of the wonderful women at Tiny Tot to thank. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my children. Ladies, you are the best!!!!!!!!!!